The different seasons

Stimulate your senses with colours, smells, sensational flavours, it will be a culinary journey through traditional Italian cuisine with a touch of International flavours.

A deep passion for the territory, seasonal ingredients, but also innovation and creativity guide the choice of the dishes.

Our philosophy is built on seasonal products and this is why we are able to constantly create new menu options that not even the most demanding palates will become tiresome.

The spacious bright areas, relaxing atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff will make the culinary tour for your taste buds memorable.

Here we can talk about art.

Otello Moser – Excited about creating

The pleasure of doing research on something exclusive, innovative and different made me become a chef.

I arrived at the Mirror Restaurant after different catering experiences abroad.

Today I can say that I love bringing flavours of Italy to the table adding and combining them with flavours from all over the world, experimenting and searching for food combinations resulting in pure harmony.

At the table we eat, converse, talk about our experiences and differences. I am happy to know that I am the creator of such an important moment in each person’s day.

The smells of nature

Completely surrounded by greenery, you only need to look over to see Lake Varese, whether it is for a romantic dinner, a business meeting or for a special occasion, the Mirror is the perfect location.

During the summer season you can savour our delicacies from the garden enjoying the peace and tranquillity the view offers.

The Mirror is a sanctuary for good food combined with the elegance of a gourmet restaurant and a commitment to authenticity and wellbeing that only nature can give.

Indulge yourself in our desserts and wines

News and Events

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